Artisanal Dishes on Long Island

Artisanal dishes, by definition, are dishes that are made from traditional methods; food that is straight from farm to table with no preservatives, GMOs, or unknown chemicals to worry about.  Here on Long Island, we are lucky enough to have these type of restaurants due to our growing farm population out in eastern Suffolk County.  Located in Farmingdale, one restaurant in particular, Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro, has risen up to serve delicious, fresh artisanal food choices to Long Island.

Everything- from the menu to the atmosphere- is rustic and makes your taste buds water for good, high quality food. Using creative concoctions, Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro puts together tapas plates that aren’t your usual dishes. For instance, check out their unique Kung Pao Pierogies. The pierogies are pan seared potatoes with cheese in a kung pao sauce, topped with crushed peanuts and cilantro.  This dish offers a delicious fusion of Eastern European and Chinese cultural foods. Not far from this restaurant’s ambitious vision are the two egg roll options: Sicilian and Cheese Steak. The Sicilian egg roll is a traditional egg roll crust with a filling made up of sausage, broccoli rabe, and shredded mozzarella, served with a side of duck sauce.  The Cheesesteak option includes the same crust, but filled with steak, onions, and cheese with a demi glaze on the outside.  

Not everything is a complex plate, however, as Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro provides comfort choices as well. There are several meatball options such as Swedish, Stuffed Blue Cheese Chicken, and “Grandma’s Meatballs.” If someone is searching for something simple, savory, and satisfying, there’s also a plate called “Meat and Potatoes” which comes with a marinated skirt steak and mashed potatoes served on the side.

These are only a few of the options from the Tapas menu at Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro. There are many more alternatives among wine selection, soup, salad, dessert, brick oven pizza, and bruschetta as well. Whether someone is looking for an intimate quiet date, or a night out with friends, the versatile menu is sure to please.       

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