Fun Facts About Wine

Who doesn’t love wine? Whether it be a remote wine night with friends or just want to unwind from a day’s worth of work. Nothing beats just having a glass of your favorite wine, whether it be white or red, and just letting go. Here at Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro, a wine bar in Farmingdale, we have an eclectic collection of over fifty wines to choose from available for curbside and delivery. Our wide range of wines change seasonally and are crafted both locally and internationally. Our wine menu is also currently available for ½ off to celebrate our reopening. Orders can be placed for delivery, curbside, and pick-up! Also, call to find out how you can get a free bottle of wine!

Fun Facts About Wine!

The history of wine can be traced back to thousands of years. It closely intertwines with human history in agriculture, cuisine, and civilization. It is a very complex drink that takes years to make and perfect. There is always a history and science behind every wine bottle you see.  Here are some fun facts about wine we would like to share with you! 

1.    Wine is made in just about every country in the world, just imagine the world’s collection. 

2.    Red wines do have positive health benefits. A glass of red wine can help you reduce your chance of stroke and diabetes. 

3.    Did you know there are people in the world that are petrified of your favorite drink? It’s called “oenophobia”

4.    The stem of the glass is there for a reason! You hold it by the stem to prevent your hand from raising the temperature of your wine.

5.    Wine is an Alchemy? The Ancient Egyptians considered it. 

6.     There are 10,000 different varieties of wine grapes that exist in the world! 

7.    Why do we store wine lying down? Cause the cork could dry out and dwindle and end up in the bottle and we surely don’t want that happening! 

8.    Wine is fat and cholesterol-free! Keep in mind. we don’t recommend drinking wine every day

9.    France, Spain, Italy, and California are the top producers of wine in the world!

10.  Wine spoils quickly once you open the bottle! So drink up. 

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