Winter Drinks, Wine, Beer, and Cocktails

With the passing of Thanksgiving, fall is coming to an end and the holiday season is here. The season's change comes with many different flavoring and food combinations, especially with wine. Winter wines are generally heavier, richer, served warmer than summer wines, less fruity, and are darker or deeper in color. To get a taste of great winter wines and drinks during happy hour in Farmingdale, come out to Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro!

It is the time of the year to cozy up by the fireplace or have family and friends over for the holiday season. However, deciding on the right wines, drinks, or cocktails to have during this season can be confusing at times. Generally, you are looking for warmer drinks, or wines with richer textures and pair well with the hearty and savory meals served in winter season gatherings. Winter wines are heavier so they can cut through winter meals better and contain more tannins, so they are sharper, drier, and more earthy than fruity. While any beer can be in at any time of the year, beers that lean more to the darker style, such as stouts or barleywines, pair with the food and the winter season better. To get some great winter wines, cocktails, and beers, come to Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro for happy hour in Farmingdale. We have also given some examples of great winter drinks below.

For winter wines, there are options in red, white, rose, and fortified or dessert wines. Some good winter red wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Petite Sirah. Winter rose wines include Rosato and Syrah Rose. Winter white wines can consist of Pinot Grigio and Oaked Chardonnay, and for dessert wines, we suggest a Port, Commandaria, or Madeira.

Winter Cocktails can warm you up and are great for cozying up together, maybe near a fire or fireplace. Some great winter cocktails include:

  • Apple-cinnamon Winter Sangria
  • Mulled Rose
  • Foggy Dew
  • Hot Spiced Wine
  • Cranberry-spice Cocktail
  • Maple-Bourbon Smash
  • Figgy-orange Cocktail
  • Hot Buttered Lemon

Along with these lists, there are many, many other great drinks for the winter season. Come into Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro during happy hour in Farmingdale to get a taste of the many different kinds of winter drinks, wines, cocktails, and beers.

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