Our new dish Chicken Parm Gnocci


How can our Farmingdale, New York bistro make melted cheese over breaded chicken, an all time favorite mind you, any better? Cheesy gnocchi steps up to the challenge, complimenting the dish with savory light potato dumplings folded in thick tomato sauce.

Chicken Parmesan Gnocci is home to Farmingdale’s Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro and has made it’s debut October 2016. Our extensive menu is your ultimate source of all things deliciously seasoned; we satisfy everyone’s craving for a savory recipe and pair it with one of our world-class selections of wine or domestic and craft beers.

Chicken Parmesan Gnocchi airs on the delicacies of plump tomatoes with the nutty taste of sharp Parmesan cheese gently enfolding seared chicken and doughy pasta. The dish is perfectly accented with basil and oregano seasonings for a delectable peppery taste. Northern Italy is highlighted with this new plate, introducing the supple Gnocchi pasta; fluffy and soft in texture, the pasta is a perfect compliment to the tender breaded chicken. Having more success with the cultivation of potatoes over grain, northern Italy feeds this hearty pasta with a long-standing history of classic European cuisine. The potato-rich flavor further adds an earthy tang to the dish’s hearty chicken component.

Gnocchi doesn’t fit the “bistro” definition of our restaurant name. This little pasta adds something big to our definition of taste. A new palette of wines and beer can accentuate these combinations, and our experienced selections will hit the spot. With so many flavors in one dish, there are so many grape and hop options to try that will enhance something different each time.

Fall and Winter is going to bring the cold weather and what better way to spend your time inside then feasting on the delicious flavors of our new Italian influence. We can’t wait for you to experience the cataclysmic effects a single recipe can have, served with a velvety autumn wine. Don’t miss out on our new fall trend!

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