Is A Glass Of Wine A Day Good For You?

Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of wine now and again? Though you may be under the impression that “less is more” when it comes to wine, drinking a glass a day can help bring many benefits into your life. With so many wines to choose from, Vintage Wine Bar And Bistro, a restaurant in Farmingdale, wants to share some of the benefits each bottle can bring.  

Keep Your Heart Healthy:

Your heart is your most important muscle, as it is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body. Such a vital body part needs to be taken care of, and drinking a glass of wine a day can help do just that. There is sufficient data that proves that if you drink one glass of wine per day you are less likely to suffer from heart disease. They have also shown it can help reduce blood pressure in those who live higher levels of this. Choosing to drink some wine at our restaurant in Farmingdale might save your life!

Put A Cork In Inflammation:

Living with joint inflammation can be extremely difficult. Luckily for you, there may be an easy way to help combat this. Wine is made up of compounds known to have anti-inflammatory properties. One of these compounds is resveratrol and can help stop inflammation in its tracks. There was a study conducted with over 2,900 women and the results yielded that those who drank one glass of wine daily experienced much less inflammation than those who did not drink alcohol.

Increase Your Antioxidants:

Antioxidants are a compound that helps protect against damage sustained to your cells. Can you guess which drink is filled with this protective substance? If you correctly guessed wine, why not come down to Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro to celebrate. Red wine specifically may offer the most benefits. Drinking these types of wine can help reduce the risk of suffering from a variety of health-related conditions, so what’s stopping you from having a glass each day?

Vintage Wine Bar And Bistro: 

At Vintage Wine Bar And Bistro, we have numerous bottles of wine you and a loved one can enjoy. The best part is, coming in for a drink can help put you on a healthier path than you were when you entered! Our restaurant in Farmingdale is beloved by many, and we want you to be our next happy customer. To start reaping the benefits of drinking a glass of wine each day can bring, contact us today and schedule a reservation! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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