The Difference Between Prosecco and Champagne

Can you tell the difference between the most popular sparkling wines? Do you call every sparkling wine champagne? Here at Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro, we know that the key is in the details. Our wine bar in Farmingdale supplies a large variety of unique wines from all over the world, so join us in learning what makes each bottle distinctly unique!

Though you may be tempted to call all kinds of sparkling wine the same, not everything is champagne, and France would love it if it stayed that way. In fact, they have sued people claiming to be taking their brand name. Champagne is made from three types of grapes (Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay) in a method titled Méthode Champenoise where the wine is twice fermented in a climate-controlled cave system. The second fermentation occurs within the bottle, which is slowly rotated over an extended amount of time. It’s because of this time and excessive method that it can be expensive to purchase. Experts describe it’s bubbles as beautiful and sharp, with a taste similar to almonds or biscuits. 

Comparatively, Prosecco was created several years after Champagne. It hails from the Veneto region of north-eastern Italy and is made solely from the glera grape. Our wine bar in Farmingdale sells many varieties of Italian wines, all of which hold up to praise. The big difference in production comes from the second fermentation process, which here takes place in a large steel tank with all of the wine contained within. This process takes far less time to complete, contributing to the lower price tag. Due to this less pressurized containment unit, the wine comes out considerably lighter and frothier than Champagne, with a more present aroma of sweet fruits or flowers (like pear, honeysuckle, and green apple).

There is even a third version called Cava, which hails from Spain and uses the Méthode Champenoise with grapes like parellada and xarel-lo. 

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