New Year. New Me. More Wine!

2020 is near, which means that it's time to create new resolutions to work on throughout the year. One of these resolutions might be getting accustomed to wines. We at Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro, a wine bar in Farmingdale, want to help you by giving you a beginner's guide to wine! Wine can be very intimidating due to there being a variety of wine, and each wine has its ideal food pairing, but after reading this, you'll know the necessary information about the wine.

Red Vs. White Wine:

The obvious difference between Red and White wine is the color, but it goes beyond that, they also taste different. The reason for these differences is Tannins. Tannins are the taste that naturally occurs in grapes; it can often be described as bitter and can cause a dry puckering feeling in your mouth. Tannins are also how wine gets its colors. Tannin is the backbone for red wine, which is why it's known to have a more bitter taste. White wine and Rose have relatively low tannins.

Dessert Wine Vs. Sparkling Wine:

Dessert wines tend to be sweeter and served after dinner. Alcohol, such as brandy, is usually added to dessert wines to retain more natural sugars. Sparkling wine has a large amount of carbonation and can also come from a range of sweetness to dryness. 

5 Basic Wine Characteristics:

When discussing wine, there are five essential characteristics used:

1) Sweetness: This is used to describe how sweet or dry the wine is.

2) Acidity: This explains how tart and zesty the wine is 

3) Tannin: Tannin expresses the bitterness

4) Alcohol: is how much alcohol blood volume is involved in your wine. The average ABV in a glass of wine ranges from 11-13%

5) Body: The body of the wine has to due to a variety of factors. This includes wine variety, where it comes from, alcohol level, and how the wine is made.

What are some great starter wines?

Now that you know the essential background on wine, you may be wondering what some great starter wines are. It's best to start simple to see what you dislike and like in a wine. 

White Wines:

  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Grigio 
  • Moscato

Red Wines:

  • Merlot 
  • Pinot noir
  • Malbec

Wine Bar in Farmingdale:

If you're looking for a wine bar in Farmingdale to broaden your wine taste, then look no further than Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro. We offer a large variety of wines that can meet your needs! Feel free to stop by!

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