Rosé, Red, Or White In The Summer

There is no bad time of year to enjoy a delicious glass of wine. However, knowing when to drink each type will significantly enhance your enjoyment of the beverage. You’ll also want to ensure you’re drinking high-quality wine, such as the ones served at the best wine bar in Farmingdale. At Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro, we’re happy to be able to be seating customers indoors and outdoors once again. If you’re ready to visit our restaurant and want to know whether you should be drinking, rosé, red, or white wine this summer, please continue reading.

Choosing A Rosé Wine

When venturing to the best wine bar in Farmingdale, our staff wants you to enjoy your visit to the fullest. That means picking out the optimal wines for your time with us. Fortunately, our staff are wine connoisseurs and can pair you with the perfect one. For those looking for a rosé this summer, we recommend focusing on the following:

  • The optimal rosé should not be older than one or two years.
  • Fruit flavored rosés don’t have to be sweet to be delicious.
  • Dry rosés are perfect for the summer weather.

Choosing A Red Wine  

If rosé isn’t your go-to wine, fear not, as here at Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro we have a selection that everyone will enjoy. Although some may associate these wines with the cooler seasons, reds can still be enjoyed in the heat of the summer. For the best red wine drinking experience, consider the following when visiting our wine bar in Farmingdale:

  • Red wines taste great when they’re chilled.
  • Choose reds with high acidity and low tannin levels.

Choosing A White Wine

Reds and rosés are not the only wines you can buy from this wine bar in Farmingdale. White wines are a favorite among many and can be your perfect match this summer. When you’re considering ordering a glass, be sure to ask our server for one that displays the below qualities:

  • High acidity.
  • Light to medium body.
  • Has a dry taste.

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At Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro, we want all our wine lovers to enjoy their summer to the fullest. To do this, why not consider coming to the best wine bar in Farmingdale for a glass of rosé, red, or white wine. We promise you won’t be disappointed with our selection. To learn more about the types of wine you can enjoy this summer or schedule a reservation, and please contact us today.

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