Bottomless Mimosa Brunch on Long Island

Bottomless Mimosa Brunch on Long Island


It’s Saturday morning and you’ve just woken up after a hard week. You get a text from your friend urging you to go to brunch. The brunch features a bottomless mimosa deal. Bottomless mimosa brunches have been on a steady rise according to Google Research. The idea of an “all you can drink” meal has started to draw people in and appeal to them. Most restaurants have started implementing these bottomless mimosa brunches to bring in more customers. But why do these customers keep coming in?

Drinking is expensive, and we all know that, especially on Long Island. So, the appeal of being able to drink as much as you like for a flat rate price can bring many people out. These happy hour-like deals have the appeal that Friday afternoons have but on the weekends. For some reason, drinking feels different on the weekends. Unlike the drinks you have at a bar at 9 P.M., the drinks you have a bottomless mimosa brunch feel lighter, you feel a bit happier. After brunch you don’t just go to bed, you go out and conquer the day a little bit tipsy. This unique feeling is why so many people search for these bottomless mimosa brunches. They love the happy feeling they receive from drinking the bubbly drinks during their meal.

When waking up on a Saturday morning, you have an important choice ahead of you:“where should I go to brunch?” The best choice is obviously Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro. Here at Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro in Farmingdale, we have a large selection of brunch foods that could brighten anyone’s day. We have deals like choose 2 brunch items for the price of $12.95. Along with our large brunch menu we have our famous bottomless mimosas. So stop in to our Farmingdale location on Long Island and find out what the hype is all about.

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