Long Island Bottomless Mimosas

Long Island Bottomless Mimosas

Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro located in Farmingdale on Long Island, is now open on Saturday and Sundays for bottomless mimosas. Although the sun coming up may indicate the party’s over, we have created a great deal to keep it going. For just $9.95, your delicious cocktail will be as endless as your brunch fun!

Over the last decade, brunch deals associating with mimosas have increased and restaurants across the country continue to form their own deals. Bottomless mimosas are the new trend that takes any celebration or casual brunch to a new level. The tag “bottomless” is appropriately used to let customers know that the drink will be unlimited for a flat dollar amount. On Long Island, bottomless drinks are the new way to enjoy cocktails without breaking the bank. And what else could we possibly ask for in a brunch? Great food, great people, and bottomless mimosas is all one needs.

Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro has a wide range of brunch menu items including inexpensive drink specials that will surely complement any weekend afternoon outing. The menu includes favorites such as Chicken & Waffles, French Toast, Pancakes, and will be sure to excite your taste buds. The Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro is known all across Long Island for its wide range of wine and beer selections making it a no-brainer to tack on a drink special such bottomless mimosas to any brunch meal.

Located at 185 Main Street in Farmingdale, Long Island, Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro is the perfect place to let loose and enjoy a fantastic brunch with friends and family. But, if you are just looking to add more fun into your afternoon without breaking the bank, be sure to order our perfectly chilled Bottomless Mimosas. Our mixology experts have the perfect mimosa in mind to suit your next weekend brunch plans!


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