Wine Will Make You Happy

After having a long day at work or adulting in general sometimes you need a glass of wine. Wine is the relief to some of our hardest days, and it has been proven to put you in a better mood. Whether you're drinking it with friends or even by yourself, wine always seems to get you out of your funk. At Vintage Wine Bar And Bistro, a restaurant in Farmingdale, we aim to make sure your experience is always positive. We offer a happy hour Monday through Friday, that starts at 3 to 7 p.m. which includes different types of wines, craft beer, and cocktails.

How Does Wine Make You Happy?

How many people always say wine makes you feel giddy or feel excited? Wine is meant to help people physical and emotional health. But sometimes drinking too much wine can often do more harm than good. Wine has chemicals that make a person feel happy. Alcohol plays as a stimulator for releasing certain neurotransmitters in your body. Some such as dopamine, and serotonin, are the feel-good chemicals that make you feel your cheerful self.

Wine has a few different benefits which include: Our staff at Vintage Wine Bar And Bistro, a restaurant in Farmingdale can provide you with the right recommendations for whatever wine you are interested in ordering. Wine also has a few different benefits which include:

  • Helps people relax.
  • Can reduce stress levels.
  • Many wines are said to have an anti-aging process and can prevent wrinkles.
  • Many wines contain fruit and antioxidants to help better your body.
  • Red wine can help prevent heart problems.
  • Some studies show wine helps with a fatty liver.
  • Can help reduce the risk of depression.

As well as the health benefits and feel good vibes, wine is an ice breaker for most people. Having a glass of wine can sometimes be a push to go out and talk to someone new. Wine influence people to be more friendly, and who knows you can make a new friend, or even meet your soulmate. Do not wait and make a reservation at Vintage Wine Bar And Bistro, a restaurant in Farmingdale, and see how we can bring a little joy into your life.  

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