What Is Ceviche?

Ceviche is a popular seafood dish made from either fresh raw fish or cooked shrimp cured in citrus juices, particularly in lime or lemon. Seasonings are also added to the dish to give it a fantastic taste and aroma. Ceviche is a nutritious, sea-based meal you should try, as it offers you a unique blend of flavors. Over the years, the meal has become an international delicacy. Seeing popularity all over the world and in a variety of formats including tapas in Farmingdale. At Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro, our fusion tapas menu has a wide variety of options including ceviche!

What is the origin of ceviche?

Although the origin of Ceviche is the subject of debate amidst culinary experts. Its popularity in the Pacific coastal region of Latin America- particularly in Peru, where it is considered a national dish- cannot be overemphasized. With archeological findings suggesting that the Peruvians have consumed Ceviche for over two thousand years. It is remarkably safe to bet its local origins. Although some historians believe ceviche originates from Granada, Spain.

Our new menu features ceviche!

At Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro, we are committed to providing our customers with the best tapas in Farmingdale. As such, we have decided to incorporate ceviche in our newest lineup of menu offerings.

Ceviche can be enjoyed at any time of the day as well as at any part of your meal. Traditionally, Ceviche is marinated in a lime or lemon based solution for up to three hours. At Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro our ceviche is made with chopped shrimp, tomato, cilantro garlic, and avocado. It is accompanied by plantain chips. Our ceviche tapas in Farmingdale is properly marinated in order to promote optimal flavor.

When placing your tapas order, you may wonder what drinks pair best with your choices. If you are ordering ceviche, we highly recommend sauvignon blanc or any white wine that is not oaky in flavor. Our Quintay Clava Coastal Reserve Wine from Chile and Colimoro Alto Adige Wine from Italy are excellent choices to pair with our ceviche.

With our menu of tapas in Farmingdale at Vintage Wine & Bistro, we put our heart and soul onto every plate. Make your reservation today!


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