Chocolate and Wine Pairings

Chocolate and Wine Pairings

Nothing says “treat yourself” like a glass of wine and some of your favorite chocolate. Due to the fact that chocolate and wine go through a similar process when being made, they could be considered a confectionary match.  We’ve almost been conditioned to know they both go together, yet most of us have no idea how to pair them. Although we may believe we can’t go wrong with a glass of our favorite wine with a side of our favorite chocolate, we might not know the best combination. Thankfully, our wine bar in Farmingdale, Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro, has an extensive variety of wines to taste and pair with. With their vast list of wines, you can find the perfect glass to compliment your sweet tooth cravings.

So you may be thinking, “where do I start” when it comes to your wine and chocolate pairing. Here are a few things to remember before you make your final selections at your favorite wine bar in Farmingdale:

  • Dry red wines won’t compliment your sweet-tasting candy
  • Cocoa beans have a natural, fruity essence, meaning fruity reds can be a great choice
  • Stick with sweet wines to pair with your chocolates
  • Don’t forget to match the intensities. For example, pair a light chocolate with a lighter-bodied wine or vice versa a stronger chocolate with a full-bodied wine

Keep in mind, when you’re pairing wine from our wine bar in Farmingdale, there are complimentary matches for different types of chocolates. Let’s break this down by some of the different types of chocolate out there:


  • White Chocolate
    • Pinot Noir - Adds a berry flavoring
    • Moscato - Adds a nutty flavor
    • Ice wines (usually a Riesling or Vidal Blanc) - Adds notes of pineapple, lemon meringue, and creamy orange
    • Rosé Port - Adds a strawberry like taste



  • Milk Chocolate
    • Sparkling red - Goes great with chocolate mousse
    • Montilla-Morales - Creates a stimulating caramel taste
    • Ruby Port - Adds a spiced and berry flavor
    • Sherry/Creamy Sherry - Creates the “chocolate cake effect”




  • Dark Chocolate
    • Chianto - Adds notes of cherry
    • Zinfandel - Pairs well with cayenne chocolate
    • Malbec - Pairs well with ginger chocolate
    • Petite Sirah - Pairs well with coffee tasting chocolate
    • Port - Adds touches of cinnamon
    • Pedro Ximinex (PX) - Adds a nutty flavor, that also pairs well with espresso



Next time you decide to treat yourself, our wine bar in Farmingdale, Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro, that’s a perfect choice. With our vast wine list along with their sweet and savory menu, you’re bound to find something you’ll love. Make a reservation and fill your sweet tooth craving any day of the week!

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