Farmingdale Tapas

Tapas are small portions of savory dishes typically served alongside drinks at a restaurant or bar. While these appetizers have been a staple in Spanish food culture for centuries, this cuisine’s instant appeal has fueled a recent rise in popularity throughout the American restaurant scene as well. Taking no exception to the tapas craze, Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro in Farmingdale has a robust menu of these satisfying finger foods sure to get you on board as well.

In contrast to the simplicity of the dish itself, tapas’ origin is rather complicated and can only be classified as a series of elaborate legends. One of these more infamous accounts follows 13th century King Alfonso X of Castille who found himself only able to consume small portions of food and drink while recovering from serious illness. The king took such a liking to his adapted diet that he declared all drinks should be accompanied by a small snack. According to another myth, a barkeeper found a lucrative trend forming after he began stacking bread, meat, and cheese atop glasses to keep flies out. Although a little farfetched, the word “tapa” does mean “lid” in Spanish, so perhaps there is some validity after all.

While its origins are wrapped up in a centuries-old Spanish culture, Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro located in Farmingdale, New York has crafted an expansive tapas menu that complements the simple idea with a variety of flavors. Our Jojo’s Chicken and Waffles Tapas serves up a traditional Southern classic and comes with a Belgian waffle and a piece of crispy chicken drizzled in syrup with a helping of hot sauce on the side. For another savory rendition, we have our Upside Down Shepherd’s Pie which comes with crunchy hash browns layered with mashed potatoes, topped with meat. For those looking for that classic burger taste in a bite-sized fashion, try our Classic Sliders that come boasting a zesty chipotle mayo. Our other popular tapas dishes include Cheese Steak Egg Rolls, Chicken Parmesan Gnocchi, and Kung Pao Pierogies.

So, the next time you visit Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro for a drink or one of our special events in Farmingdale, be sure to top it all off with an order of tapas!



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