History of the Moscow Mule

You and your friends are trying to figure out where to get drinks in Farmingdale, NY and Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro in mentioned for their extensive drink menu and how delicious their tapas are. You make the decision to head to Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro and take a gander at the menu. One drink peaks your interest and it’s the Kissed Caramel Mule. You call over your waiter to order the kissed caramel mule and you begin to ponder: Where did the Moscow Mule originate from? Why do we use copper mugs?

The history of the Moscow Mule is an interesting one, to say the least with many different versions of the story over who created the drink and mug it is served in. The Moscow Mule was created from an overabundance of vodka and ginger beer!  John G. Martin, head of Heublein & Brothers had recently purchased Smirnoff and found himself with a surplus of vodka. At the same time, John Martins’ friend Jack Morgan found himself in the same position as Martin with a surplus of his own creation of ginger beer. One night, when the two friends were socializing, they came to the realization of each other’s predicament. According to Price, the drink was first served to the Hollywood actor Broderick Crawford, and it was only after that did the drink take off “like wildfire.”

That answers our question about the origins of the drink but why is it only served in a copper mug? One story cites the girlfriend of Morgan, Osalene Schmitt, who inherited a business that made copper, and from there came the mugs. This is according to drink historian Ted Haigh. Another, version of the story that originated from the Moscow Copper Company. This version of the story is about a Russian immigrant Sophie Berezinski who came to the United States in 1941, with 2,000 copper mugs and one night wound up in the same bar as Martin and Morgan and was a part of the infamous meeting.

Now that you know the history of the Moscow Mule and you can believe whatever version of the story you like. Just be happy with the creation of Moscow Mule or as it is known as Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro in Farmingdale as the kissed caramel mule. If you are looking for drinks in Farmingdale NY, visit Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro today!


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