Long Island Desserts

Many desserts and pastries on Long Island, New York are not made to be savored and instead are made to be eaten in a rush. The very design of a donut or scone denotes eating while on a rush with limited attention to context or subtlety of flavor. While these desserts designed for convenience, we usually do not expect more than a quick sugar rush with maybe a few interstitial notes of berry or cream filling. If you are someone who relates to having forgotten the luxury of enjoying a dessert nuanced enough to deserve your undivided attention  and lives near Farmingdale, Long island, then read on.

Most of us have heard of gelatos, which are often confused for ice cream due to both essentially being frozen cream. The primary difference between gelatos and ice cream is the difference of contour, while ice cream is cold and thick gelatos are still dense enough to require utensils to eat and soft enough so that the flavor does not get lost in the texture.

A staple in gourmet dessert, cheesecake is a recurring entry on almost every restaurant menu in New York. What’s not to love about the receptive texture and poignant creamy flavor. Most notably cheesecake is particularly adaptable when combining flavor  for a dessert that has such a distinctive taste.

Most bakeries will be willing to oblige customers bagging and taking desserts home, but reason stands against waiting too long before eating a gelato or cheesecake. If you are looking for a place that caters to the gourmet and can prepare dessert well enough to warrant your attention visit Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro located in Farmingdale, New York and put aside the time to finally enjoy your food.

With plenty of great tapas to choose from at this Farmingdale bistro, be sure to save room for dessert.  Hope to see you soon!

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