Meat and Cheese Boards in Farmingdale

Are you looking for a light, tasty, and shareable snack or appetizer? Vintage Wine and Bistro in Farmingdale has meat and cheese boards that are perfect for sharing! They are plated with a wide variety of different meats and cheeses that are enjoyable with a glass of wine!

Meat and cheese have always been the perfect combination for appetizers, parties, and special events. At Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro, you can not go wrong when it comes to our meat and cheese boards. With the option of six different choices of meat and eight different tasty cheeses, there are endless possibilities that you will love! You can either pick between any four types of meat and cheeses as well as the option of picking between any six meat and cheeses.

Need help deciding what meat and cheese combinations to choose from? Just ask! At Vintage Wine and Bistro we know all the best combinations and can help you decide the best choice for you. The following descriptions below will help guide towards how the different meats and cheeses taste.


-Creamy Havarti: soft, creamy, smooth, and has a buttery aroma.

-Gouda: Mild/medium soft cheese with a nice nutty flavor. Gouda is known to be a bit bitter as well.

-Goat: smooth, soft, and tangy taste.

-Smoked Gouda: smokey flavor

-Creamy Gorgonzola: soft, creamy, strong in flavor, salty, tasty

-Peperoncino: mellow, a bit spicy

-Cheddar: sharp flavoring, rich

-Brie: mild,soft, rich flavoring


-Sopressata (spicy):  Italian dry salami

-Capocollo: salty,very thin, pork
-Prosciutto: uncooked, dry cured ham (tastes similar to bacon)

-Salami: type of thinly sliced sausage

-Pepperoni: spicy and salty

-Chorizo: salty, type of pork sausage, cured, and smoked

Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro, in Farmingdale, meat and cheese boards are the way to go! They are perfect for any occasion and we can guarantee you will be back for more! Come stop by  Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro to try it today!


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