Trivia Night in Farmingdale

Trivia Night in Farmingdale

Trivia night anyone? Do you like to eat and have fun? Are you someone who likes to socialize? Do you enjoy answering questions ranging from history to music? If so come down to Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro for Trivia in Farmingdale and have a fun relaxing evening as you enjoy good food and put your knowledge to the test.

At Vintage Bar and Wine Bistro we pride ourselves not only on our food and drink, but a place for friends and family to visit and have a good time.  In addition to brunch, lunch, and dinner, we offer a few fun events throughout the week. One of the events that take place is Trivia Night, where you are put to the test of being asked a wide range of different questions while playing on teams. Trivia Night has been an old tradition in bars or pubs but is now available in Farmingdale at Vintage Bar and Wine Bistro.  Where did Trivia Night originate from?

It is believe that Trivia Night or its other name Pub Night started in England and Ireland in the 1950’s. Unlike most homes in that era, pubs have televisions which aired favored game shows and patrons would shut out the answers to the questions. The increase of patrons to local pubs lead the owners to host weekly “Pub Nights”, and even in present day “Pub Nights are among a favorite activity for bar/pub patrons. For those really into Trivia Night/Pub Night, England hosts an annual trivia competition called, “The Great British Pub Quiz Challenge.”

Trivia Night at Vintage Bar and Wine Bistro in Farmingdale takes place Monday nights starting at 8:00pm. There is no charge to play so come on down with your friends and family and take part in a fun night out to win great prizes.

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