Why Drink Champagne on New Year’s?

New Year's champagne

We tend to automatically think of a toast or a celebration whenever champagne is involved. Ever wonder why we celebrate New Year’s Eve with champagne? The answer to this involves a mix of historical events associated with luxury and the parties that were thrown during the royal courts and aristocracy of Europe. So, why do we drink champagne to mark special occasions with significance?

The wine industry happens to be very different during the Middle Ages as opposed to today. Wine was usually drank within a year after it was produced. Grapes were harvested and fermented for a few weeks and usually transported in barrels throughout fall and winter. The wines of champagne at the time were still not enthusiastic as champagne is today.

Watching that cork burst open and toasting with bubbly, sparkling champagne as it turns midnight on New Year's Eve is a tradition for many people and households around the world. Just the action of opening a champagne bottle is enough to symbolize some sort of celebration, and in some cases, the bubbling beverage isn’t even consumed and is instead used just to make a toast and spread the cheers.

It’s fun, simple as that. We take pleasure seeing the sparkle of the wine as it fills our glass and we relish in watching the strangely renewing bubbles as we drink with our friends and family. Champagne tickles our tongues and its fizz keep us coming back for it for every celebration. Without the champagne bottle and the fizz, a toast once the clock strikes midnight would not be the same.

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