What Are the Best Grapes for Wine?

Malbec_grapesNow that the holidays are over, we are taking down decorations and shoveling off our cars and roadways from the fierce winter weather upon us. Before we know it, though, the season will pass and flowers will bloom as the sun will shine down on us again, leading to summer dresses, picnics, and, of course, wine tasting! As there are so many wines to choose from, it can almost be overwhelming. With each particular taste, there is a wine in store to quench that thirst! We must go to the source for picking out the best wines. Therefore, we must place our target at picking out the right grapes.

This is the perfect key for those who like to experiment and be creative while making their own delicious wine. For those with a sweet tooth and who enjoy a sweet and fruity tasting wine to help settle their cravings, the black grape, known as Grenache, is a great choice. This grape is used in most red wines and is even better when paired to wash down spicy dinner dishes. Pinot Noir, is a popular red grape that you may be interested in if you are looking for a light wine, something that won’t overpower or drown out the main course of your meal. Experts say this is the most difficult grape used when making a wine but the outcome is definitely worth it.

Carménère would be the grape to go with if you are looking for a wine with a more savory taste. Wine experts agree that this grape is best when paired off with hearty foods such as stews, curries, and even the famous barbecued baby back ribs. It will sure to compliment the meal of your choice. As there are many wines ranging from all flavors, colors and behaviors, you want to make the right choice when picking one out. Remember, the right choice starts with the right grape.

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