Fall Wine Collection

Are you looking to enhance your taste in wine this fall? If that is the case, you’ll need to spend some time at the best wine bar in Farmingdale. At Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro, we have the perfect fall wine collection for even the pickiest connoisseur. To see what we’ll be serving in the coming months, please continue reading.


When you’re looking for a delicious red wine during the fall months, you can’t go wrong with Malbec. This type of wine originated in the Bordeaux region of France before quickly becoming a staple wine in Argentina. As an international favorite, we wouldn’t call ourselves the best wine bar in Farmingdale if we didn’t have bottles here to serve our customers. These wines are dry, full-bodied, and contain flavors like blackberry and red plum.


Another great choice of wine served here at our wine bar in Farmingdale is Merlot. Merlots are the second most popular grapes in America and are known for being soft, ripe, and elegant. Unlike other wines, Merlots are just as good to drink on their own when paired with food. However, if you want food with your wine, we recommend the below:

  • Brick oven flatbread pizza.
  • Chicken parmesan gnocchi.
  • Charcuterie boards.  

Cabernet Sauvignon

One final type of wine in our all collection that we’d like to call out is Cabernet Sauvignon. While many attribute this to be a winter wine, it is just as good when drunk in the fall. This full-bodied wine has soft layering notes of strawberries and blueberries, allowing it to achieve a silky finish when drunk. It also comes with a variety of interesting, fun facts, including the below:

  • France and California are the ideal locations to grow Cabernet grapes.
  • Cabernet was the world’s most planted premium red wine grape until being surpassed by Merlot in the 1990s.
  • It's the product of a chance cross-breeding in the 17th century between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc.

Contact Our Wine Bar In Farmingdale

When you’re in the wine mood, we highly recommend you stopping by Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro. We’re the best wine bar in Farmingdale and can pair you with the exact bottle you’re looking for this summer. For more information about our menu, or to have any general queries answered, contact us today.

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