Long Island Wine and Beer Flights

Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro hosts a large selection of over fifty wines as well as over twenty craft and domestic beers, making this the perfect location for your beer and wine flight!

A beer or wine flight is when several different wines/beers are being offered and sampled.  A beer flight is usually drank from lightest to darkest. The array of different samples allow you to try various brands in one outing. The benefits to doing a beer or wine flight is you are more likely to find your preferred taste. This is because you are able to try more options and able to see what you like against what you do not like. You are also more likely to try brands and styles that you would normally shy away from.

A beer and wine flight can also be done in your home. You can brew your own beer or have your guests sample some of your favorite selections.

At Vintage Wine and Bar Bistro a beer or wine flight cost $16 for the choice of any four, and is half price Monday nights. Wine and beer selection also changes seasonally and is perfect for any event.

Some beer flights you can try at Vintage Wine and Bar Bistro are American brewed Shock top, New York’s very own Brooklyn Lager, world renowned Guinness and Belgian beer Goose island Sofie. We have a bigger selection for wine which can be in a flight mixed with Red Chanti Rubiolo Chianti Classico, Italy, Red Pinot Noir Bread & Butter, Napa California wine, or switched to white wine like your typical Chardonnay  Hayes Valley, Central Coast wine or Riesling New York bases Wagner, Finger Lakes wine. The exclusion to our flights are no bottled beer or sparkling wine.

Come down to Vintage Wine and Bar Bistro and sample the variety of our wines and beers!

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