Fun Facts That You Didn’t Know About Red Wine

There is nothing like enjoying a glass of wine to unwind with your friends and family, at a restaurant in Farmingdale called Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro. There are many fun facts about red wine that may surprise you! From how it is made, to health benefits, and even about the color of red wine. After reading these facts, you might have a different perspective when picking up a glass of red wine! 

Some surprising health facts about red wine are that it might leave you shocked! Drinking red wine, in small doses, is more beneficial to your health than not drinking red wine at all. The antioxidants in red wine can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This is of course if wine is consumed in moderation. 

The health benefits of red wine come from tannin. Tannin is found in green tea and dark chocolate as well, which may help your cholesterol and heart health! Another fun fact to note is that younger wine is healthier than older wines! If you are looking for a restaurant in Farmingdale, visit Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro and get yourself a glass of red wine! 

People have been drinking red wine for centuries now and now its a part of our history. The oldest winery was found in Armenia is 4100 B.C! Ancient Greeks would use wine as a symbol of religion, trade, and health. 

Are you wondering how red wine ends up being red? The juice from the grapes is clear, so the process of wine becoming red takes time! The pigmentation of red wine comes from a plant pigment called anthocyanin. This is found in red grape skin. During fermentation, the surface of the grapes makes it a red color. Another fun fact about the color of red wine is that like red wine ages, and it becomes lighter in color. A way to tell if a bottle of red wine is old or not, check to see if it has a pale and translucent like color. 

Some other additional facts about red wine include:

  • Nearly all red wines are made from the same grape species called Vitis vinifera.
  • White grapes are younger than red grapes.
  • If a red wine becomes warmer than room temperature, it can lose its flavor.
  • China is the leading market for red wine.

After learning these fun facts, come down to our restaurant in Farmingdale for wine, Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro and have a glass of red wine! View our wine menu and visit us today! 

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