Wines of the United States

There are millions of different wines made and sold in the United States, each with their own unique flavor.  Wine can be categorized into 9 different varieties, each slightly different in taste and consistency.  Every wine can be paired with a different type of food that brings out the flavor of that wine. Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro, a wine bar in Farmingdale, offers a wide variety of wines as well as different courses and tapas that can pair well with their wines offered.

Types of Wine

As stated before, wine can be classified into 9 different types. Here are those 9 classified wines:

  1.     Sparkling wine
  2.     Light-bodied white wine
  3.     Full-bodied white wine
  4.     Sweet white wine
  5.     Rosé wine
  6.     Light-bodied red wine
  7.     Medium-bodied red wine
  8.     Full-bodied red wine
  9.     Dessert wine

Every wine category is uniquely different in taste and texture. Knowing these different tasting wines can help you decide which food to eat with it; bringing out the flavor in the wine even more. Vintage Wine Bar in Farmingdale incorporates different styles of food, from a light salad to a hefty steak, that can pair well with the different types of wines we offer.  


What food pairs best?

Sparkling wine is a carbonated wine and is known as the most challenging and time-consuming wines made in the world.  Some foods that complement sparkling wines well are cheeses, tangy fruits, and salted foods. When it comes to light-bodied and full-bodied white wines, there is a slight difference in taste due to a winemaking technique known as the use of oak-aging.  Light-bodied white wine is a drier tasting wine, while full-bodied white wines are richer and smoother tasting with a delicate creaminess. Foods that pair well with white wines include fresh seafood or meals that have a natural sweetness or citrus to it. Rosé is also characterized as a drier wine but has a crisp taste to it. Some meals that pair nicely with a glass of rosé are light salads, pastas and rice dishes. Red wines are richer and deeper in flavor and are known as “food wine.” Dark, leafy greens pair the best with light red wines, but the darker the wine gets the more concentrated the flavor, making red juicy meats the best food. Lastly, dessert wines are the sweetest in flavor and are some of the boldest and intensely flavored wines. These wines pair best with sweet and fruity desserts.

Vintage Wine Bar in Farmingdale offers a variety of white, red as well as sparkling wines on their menu. Some of the white wines they offer are a variety of pinot grigio, moscato, chardonnay and many others. For their red wines, they offer a variety of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, chianti, and many others. They also offer sparkling wines such as prosecco and du vernay rose.  Now that you know your wines, come to Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro and enjoy a nice glass of wine with us.    

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